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Customer Satisfaction

Our Guarantee - Return Policy


Customer Satisfaction is are the forefront of our agenda. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we guarantee to replace or refund the cost any of our products which is proven to be faulty for a period of up to 24 months from the date of manufacture. Additionally, in the event that the use of one of our product resulted in damage to your printing equipment and subject to proof, we will repair or recompense you for the value of the repair of your printing equipment. This is subject to prior approval in writing.

  • Our guarantee does not cover damage caused to machines under the following circumstances:
  • If the wrong product has been used e.g. materials designed for Copier/Laser printers are used in Ink Jet or visa versa.
  • If the product are stored incorrectly, or are not used as specified by the machine manufacturer’s manual of operation.
  • If a sheet has been fed through a printer more than once or a label or the matrix has been removed from the backing sheet.
  • If the product that has been overprinted by a third party printer, as overprinting may alter the material construction of
    our product (unless stated otherwise on our packaging).
  • Damage, loss or cost, whether of a consequential nature or not, arising from using LABELS DIRECT product, other than is
    expressed above.


Usage of Labels Direct Products with Non-compatible Printers and Copiers


LABELS DIRECT has developed ranges of technologies based on specific label solutions. Each specification is designed to maximize performance within that technology which means that LABELS DIRECT Laser Copy Jet Labels are designed for use through Laser photocopier & Ink Jet printers, LABELS DIRECT Inkjet Labels for use with Inkjet printers, LABELS DIRECT Laser Copier Labels for use with Lasers & Copiers etc. Whilst the use of these LABELS DIRECT labels in non-specified technology machines is unlikely to cause damage or difficulty, the possibility will be greatly increased. LABELS DIRECT product guarantee does not cover use of labels / materials for purposes for which they are not originally intended and accordingly. LABELS DIRECT strongly recommends that you do not do so


Labels Direct Products and Your Laser Printer / Photocopier


Please read the following comments, they are designed to assist you in achieving trouble free printing:

  • Ensure that you use the correct LABELS DIRECT product for your chosen printer technology. LABELS DIRECT products are manufactured to be ideally suited for specific business machines.
  • ALWAYS consult your operating manual for the printer model you intend to use BEFORE using the appropriate LABELS DIRECT product
  • Sheets of labels should
    NOT be used if any of the labels it contains have been removed from the backing to do so may cause contamination and invalidate your printer’s warranty.
  • We do not recommend metallic materials to be used through a Inkjet printer.

Labels Direct Inkjet Labels

  • Some Inkjet materials can be used through some Laser Printers / Photocopiers.
  • We
    DO NOT RECOMMEND to use Polyjet products in Laser Printers or Photocopiers.
  • ALWAYS consult the operator’s manual to set the machine for the correct media


Using 'Clear' Labels Direct Products


  • Only use LABELS DIRECT “Clear” Translucent Polylaser Labels in Laser & Copier Printers.
  • Only use LABELS DIRECT “Clear” Laser PET Clear Labels in Laser & Copier Printers.
  • Only use LABELS DIRECT “Clear” Translucent or Polyjet Clear Inkjet Labels in Inkjet Printers.
  • Always feed short edge first. LABELS DIRECT “Clear” Labels are designed for use in desktop and other printers where feed direction is ‘short edge leading’.


If you have a long Edge Leading machine, a considerable number have a cassette tray to provide a short edge facility. This tray may be used successfully with LABELS DIRECT “Clear” Labels. Make a trial run first. Small quantities may be fed one sheet at a time via the ‘by-pass’ facility.